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Really Eager Artists Crying Hire is an artist run program that brings artistic directors, casting directors, directors and agents of theatre, film and television from all over the country to the Utah Shakespeare Festival each season. We believe that the best way to secure future work for our members is for these guests to see our work on stage. We have found continued success for members each year through the REACH Program, whether it be great networking, callbacks and/or jobs.  REACH pays for airfare, travel, and lodging, and the Festival donates tickets to all performances for our guests.  In addition to seeing all of the shows, our guests hold auditions for REACH members to attend.

Founded by Leslie Brott along with the help of Rick Van Noy, then casting associate for the Utah Shakespeare Festival, REACH was brought into existence in the summer of 1993. Though REACH has evolved to stand for Really Eager Artists Crying Hire, the original name was a brainchild of Rick Van Noy: Recycle Every Actor Creatively and Hastily.  Mimicking the SHARES model of the Oregon Shakespeare festival, Rick Van Noy worked the administrative end securing tickets, housing, business supplies and postage, while Leslie Brott, a one-woman-powerhouse, orchestrated the rest.  In that first year, our REACH members booked jobs at theatres including Oregon Shakespeare Festival and Arkansas Rep.

REACH has helped many of our company members book work at multiple theaters across the country, and we hope to keep the tradition going for many years to come. 

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