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How long is the stay?

The 2024 summer season includes eight mainstage shows and three different Greenshows. In order for a REACH guest to see everything we have to offer in our season, they will need to stay in beautiful Cedar City for four or five nights.

When can I get involved?

The first REACH meeting will happen during the first couple of weeks of rehearsal to discuss all of the aspects of REACH (enrollment fees, committee appointments, general information, etc.) And if you arrive after that, you can still participate!

What should I bring?

Just make sure that you have digital copies of your headshot and resume ready to go. Make sure that they're named with your name.

(i.e. William Shakespeare.pdf)

What should I prepare?

Guests ask for a variety of monologues and songs. If you play an instrument, keep it close by! Also, along with your live audition material, make sure that you have audition videos, as well.

What's in Cedar City?

USF is located in the heart of downtown Cedar City, on the campus of Southern Utah University. We house our guests within walking distance of the theater, as well as a quaint downtown stretch of restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores, art galleries and museums. Don’t forget to hydrate and bring sunscreen. Cedar City is at high elevation and has low humidity. Take care of yourself!

Where can I go sightseeing?

Zion National Park is an hour south of Utah Shakespeare Festival.  If you like hiking and have an extra day or two on your calendar, bring your hiking boots! Several national parks, including Cedar Breaks, Zion, Kolob, & Bryce Canyon, are only a short drive away.

When do we audition?

Depending on the season, we like to start auditions once the shows are open, but everything is fluid. The goal is to have auditions throughout the entire season. Have a day off with nothing to do? Film a couple of self tapes. That way, you have videos ready, and you get to practice your audition material.

How do I get involved?

Visit our Contact Page to inquire about coming out to see us! 

I know someone that we can contact to come see us. What do I do?

Let us know! We love being able to reach out (haha) to as many people as possible. If you're comfortable sharing their info with us, we'll happily invite them to come see us. 

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